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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial flooring should not only be attractive but also sanitary, safe, and durable so as to withstand heavy traffic, rolling carts, dropped objects, and strict cleaning protocols.

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Epoxy Flooring For Offices

Many business floors look great at the beginning. However, they quickly stain, deteriorate, and fail to serve their purpose.

We offer commercial epoxy flooring options that meet all the requirements of your facility. Our wide range of high-performance coatings can suit the unique needs of any business. Whether your aim is to get a slip-resistant floor, one that resists chemical damage, or that withstands moisture problems, our commercial epoxy can deliver.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions

We offer commercial-grade epoxy flooring solutions to all types of industries such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, vet clinics, and shopping centers. No matter your facility’s need, we’ll work with you to get a unique resin formulation that’ll offer years of dependable use. Our epoxy flooring offers aesthetic and lasting functional solutions.

Common epoxy floors:

Epoxy Floors For Restaurants

Our USDA approved kitchen flooring epoxy is great for improving cleanliness and safety in every area of a restaurant. Contact us and we’ll give you a sanitary, durable, attractive, and slip-resistant flooring system to meet your unique needs.

Retail Shops

With our commercial epoxy flooring, you don’t have to worry about heavy loads and traffic, rolling carts, or strict cleaning protocols.


Our commercial epoxy flooring is suitable for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, restrooms, and much more.

We Floor a Wide Range of Spaces

We install residential epoxy floors for indoor and outdoor spaces. Although the garage floor is the most common application we do, our services also include the basement, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and pool decks. From full chip to solid-color to quartz epoxy flooring, we can do a quick and seamless installation and produce stunning results.

Benefits Of Commercial Epoxy Floors

Maintenance Can be Easy

While it’s crucial to have a highly durable flooring system, you should avoid one that’s costly to maintain. Our commercial epoxy floors require low-cost maintenance. You can easily sweep or mop the seamless floor system without requiring waxing or polishing. Our floors can also resist damage from abrasive and harsh cleaning products.

Resistant to Wear and Chemicals

You deserve a flooring system that doesn’t show stains, abrasion, and wear patterns soon after installation. Our commercial epoxy flooring can pass these benefits to you. It can resist damage from vehicle traffic, heavy loads, constant foot traffic, and chemical spills without aging. This helps to reduce your maintenance and repair costs.

We Have Your Hygiene Requirements in Mind

We understand how hygiene is crucial in the food processing and service industries and hospitals. When you’re looking for a flooring solution that promotes cleanliness, consider our commercial epoxy floors.

The seamless installation doesn’t harbor dirt or bacteria, making it possible to keep your products and services safe. Our commercial epoxy floors for healthcare facilities and kitchens are easy to sanitize. They can also withstand harsh or strict cleaning protocols without deteriorating.

Elegance is Important

Many commercial flooring systems give you a limited option when it comes to colors. We can match your flooring system with the deco and branding of your business. There’re limitless options when it comes to colors, patterns, and effects. We are innovative enough to apply unique designs in your lobby, work areas, and many other places.


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